Popular Mold Questions

Mold can have serious effects on your health. When left unchecked, a mold problem can lead to serious respiratory issues and even death. Children and pets can be particularly vulnerable to mold problems. Mold can also affect the structural integrity of a home.

If your home or office has an unpleasant, mildew odor, then you may have a mold problem. In that case, you should call a mold inspection team immediately. Pay close attention to unusual smells or visual signs of mold in the days or weeks following water damage.

There are hundreds of species of mold. Dozens of these species can infect your home. Different strains of mold can have different impacts on your home and your health. Some strains are more dangerous than others. Regardless of which type of mold you have, however, you need to remediate the problem in the same way.

Some minor mold problems can be fixed at home with basic cleaning solutions – like detergent and an anti-microbial solution. Other mold problems require immediate, professional remediation. Our mold inspection reports will explain the step-by-step process you should take to solve your mold problem.

Certain homes are more prone to mold problems than others. Those who live in humid climates, for example, are more likely to experience mold problems. Homes with leaks, poor drainage, foundation problems, and old pipes are also more prone to mold problems. Repairing these problems can prevent mold problems in the future. If you never repair these problems, then mold problems will continue to occur.

Some homeowners choose to paint over a mold problem or leave it encapsulated behind the walls. This is a bad idea. Mold cannot simply be painted over or ignored. Once a mold problem has been identified, that mold needs to be physically extracted. Painting over or encapsulating the mold will not remove mold spores from the air. HEPA vacuums and commercial-grade air scrubbers are required to remove excessive mold spores.

Mold can be found in any corner of the home. A good mold inspection checks the crawlspace, attic, basement, exterior, and interior of the home for any signs of a mold problem. Mold can be lurking anywhere.

Today, many experts recommend hiring an independent mold inspection company. Why should you hire an independent mold inspector when many mold remediation companies offer inspection services? The reasoning is simple: there’s a huge conflict of interest. Mold remediation companies make a lot of money from fixing a mold problem. They don’t make money by just inspecting mold problems. That means they have an incentive to exaggerate your mold problem – or even invent a mold problem when one doesn’t exist.

Some mold remediation companies offer free mold inspections. What’s the catch behind these free inspections? Typically, free mold inspections are provided by mold remediation companies. When a company provides a free mold inspection, they’re losing money. The only way to make that money back is to charge the client for mold remediation. This is where a conflict of interest emerges.

Absolutely! Many mold inspection companies include a pre-remediation and post-remediation inspection. An independent inspection can confirm that your mold problem has been successfully removed.

Typically, you should look for mold inspection companies that collect a minimum of two samples. Inspectors may collect air or surface samples – or both. Samples will be sent to a lab for testing to confirm the presence of mold.

It’s always a good idea to be at home during a mold inspection. You can find reports online of shady mold remediation companies using unscrupulous tactics to exaggerate a mold problem. They may crank up the heat in the home, for example, in a process called “house cooking” that exaggerates the mold problem. Or, they could shake out pillows and rugs to release mold spores into the air, making an air sample look significantly worse than it actually is.

Mold Inspect Pros is a licensed, certified, independent mold inspection professional. Here are just a few of the reasons why we’re one of the top-rated mold inspectors in Chicago:

  • We collect a minimum of two samples with every inspection, including air or surface samples
  • We deliver accurate results whether you have a mold problem or not
  • Our written report is emailed to you within 2-3 business days of the inspection
  • We use independent, certified labs to confirm or deny the presence of mold
  • We do not have a conflict of interest; whether you have a mold problem or not, we charge the same for every mold inspection and make no money through mold remediation services

For all of these reasons and more, we’re proud to be one of the leading mold inspection companies in the Chicago area.

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