Mold Inspection in Elgin, IL

Mold Inspect Pros is a trusted, locally-based mold inspection company serving customers throughout the city of Elgin. Today, our coverage area completely covers the neighborhood of Elgin.

Our mold inspectors work throughout the city of Elgin to identify mold problems in homes and businesses. We can get an inspector to your Elgin home or business immediately. An inspection can confirm or deny the presence of mold. If there’s no mold problem in your Elgin property, then we’ll mention that in the report. As an independent Elgin mold inspector, we have no incentive to invent or exaggerate your mold problem. Our inspections deliver unbiased, science-based results from an independent lab. It’s that simple.

Our Mold Inspection Process for Elgin, IL

Our inspector will arrive at your Elgin home or business. Then, the inspector will conduct a thorough inspection of the premises, including all nooks and crannies where mold or moisture may be hiding.

The inspector will use advanced equipment like a moisture meter and an infrared camera to detect the presence of water. These tools can peek behind walls and into other hidden areas of your home.

Before the inspector leaves, he or she will collect two air or surface samples from your property. These samples will be sealed, then sent to an independent laboratory for testing. We ship samples via FedEx overnight shipping, which means you get your Elgin, IL mold inspection results as soon as possible.

Results of Mold Testing


Mold test results from a lab can be complicated. We translate the results into plain English, making it easy to learn everything you need to know about your mold problem.

We typically receive the test results from the lab within 1 to 2 business days. When we receive the results, we’ll analyze them and produce our own report. Then, we’ll email you with two attachments, including a copy of the lab report and a copy of our own report.

Our report will provide comprehensive information about your mold problem, including how serious it may be, the steps you need to take to remediate the problem, and the process you can use to ensure you’re never affected by mold again.

Mold Remediation

If our mold inspector finds mold on your property, then mold remediation is required.

Our report will explain the step by step process you can take to remediate your mold problem. Some minor Elgin mold problems can be cleaned DIY-style using basic cleaning supplies. Other problems require hiring a professional mold remediation company. Our report will explain everything you need to know about hiring a mold remediation company, including the steps that company should take and how much you can expect to pay for good mold remediation in Elgin.



Why Choose Us for Your Mold Inspection in Elgin, IL

We’re an independent, locally-owned and operated mold inspection company serving customers across Elgin and all surrounding communities. We have a long and proven track record of providing accurate mold inspection results for customers across the city. Choose us for our unbeatable prices, accurate results, and unbiased service.

As an independent mold inspection company, we do not make money through mold remediation, which means we have no incentive to find or exaggerate your mold problem.

We Will Beat Any Other Mold Inspection Prices

We offer a price match guarantee to all homes and businesses in Elgin, Illinois. If you find a cheaper mold inspection in Elgin, we’ll beat that price – guaranteed.

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