Mold Inspection in Evanston, Illinois

Mold Inspect Pros is a Chicago-based mold inspection and testing company serving the entire city of Evanston, Illinois and surrounding communities. Our accurate, proven mold testing process has helped thousands of Chicago property owners learn more about their mold problem. As an independent mold inspection company, we provide unbiased information about your mold problem. We have no financial incentive to find or exaggerate your mold problem because we don’t offer mold remediation services, nor are we affiliated with any mold remediation companies. That means you get an accurate, unbiased mold inspection in Evanston, Illinois with every test.

Our Mold Inspection Process for Evanston, Illinois

Our mold inspectors are experienced and certified professionals with a long history of identifying mold problems in homes and businesses across the Chicagoland area. When a mold inspector arrives at your home or business, the inspector will perform a comprehensive visual inspection of the property before collecting multiple samples.

These samples are sent via overnight FedEx shipping to an independent, USA-based laboratory. The samples are analyzed within 1 to 2 business days to determine the extent of your mold problem. Our Evanston mold inspector may collect air or surface samples during the inspection. Our standard Evanston, Illinois mold inspection includes two samples.

After performing a comprehensive inspection of your property, the mold inspector will ship the samples to the lab, then deliver the test results to your email inbox within 2 to 3 business days.  

Results of Mold Testing

The results of a mold test can be confusing – especially if you’ve never dealt with a mold problem before. Fortunately for you, we’re mold testing experts, and we’ll happily decipher the results of your lab test. We’ll pore over your lab test, then translate the results into plain, easy-to-understand English.

We want to ensure you understand everything you need to know about your mold problem. Our report will explain which species of mold is affecting your property and what that means for your mold problem. We’ll explain whether you have toxic black mold or any other type of mold issue.

We’ll email all of this information to you within 2 to 3 business days of your Evanston, Illinois mold inspection. Our email will include our own custom report detailing your mold problem in plain English. We’ll also attach a copy of the lab report.

Mold Remediation

All of our Evanston mold inspection reports come with detailed step-by-step guidelines you can follow to remediate your mold problem.

A mold remediation company will always recommend professional remediation. After all, that’s how they make most of their money.

However, our mold inspection report will explain whether or not your Evanston mold problem can be remediated by hand at home using basic cleaning supplies. In many cases, you can fix your mold problem using detergent and other household cleaning materials without the need for professional remediation.

Whether your mold problem is serious or minor, we’ll explain the mold remediation process in a step-by-step way in our Evanston mold test report.



Why Choose Us for Your Mold Inspection in Evanston, Illinois

Why choose Mold Inspect Pros? We’re the best mold inspection and testing company in Evanston, Illinois. We offer the lowest prices on Evanston mold inspections without sacrificing quality.

Plus, as an independent mold inspector, we have no incentive to recommend professional mold remediation. If your mold problem is minor, then we’ll tell you. We don’t provide remediation services, which means we have no financial incentive to recommend professional remediation on properties that don’t require professional remediation.

We Will Beat Any Other Mold Inspection Prices

We guarantee the lowest prices on Evanston mold inspections. If you find a cheaper price on a mold test in Evanston, Illinois, then let us know and we’ll beat that price.

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