Mold Inspection in Glenview, Illinois

A good mold inspection can deliver valuable peace of mind. Today, Mold Inspect Pros continues to offer accurate, independent mold inspections to homes and businesses across Glenview, Illinois and surrounding communities. As an independent inspection company, we have no financial incentive to exaggerate or invent a mold problem. Instead, we focus on providing highly-accurate, science-based mold tests across the city of Glenview, IL.

Our Mold Inspection Process for Glenview, Illinois

We use a proven procedure to accurately identify mold in your home. Our professionally-dressed inspector will arrive at your home or business on-time to complete the 90 to 120 minute inspection. The inspector will conduct a thorough visual analysis of the home with a focus on areas of moisture intrusion or water damage. To assist in the analysis, our Glenview mold inspector will use state-of-the-art tools like an infrared camera and a moisture meter. These tools allow the inspector to check for water damage and mold behind walls or identify high-risk areas of your property.

Finally, the inspector will collect multiple air or surface samples. These samples will be tested at a lab to determine if there are an unusually high number of mold spores present. The lab will also identify the species of mold. Typically, we receive the results of the lab test within 1 to 2 days of your Glenview mold inspection.

Results of Mold Testing

We’ll receive the lab results of your mold inspection, then email you a copy of the lab report. We’ll also include detailed information about your mold problem in a no-nonsense, easy-to-understand way. We’ll explain why the species of mold is important, whether or not you have a toxic black mold problem, and any other relevant information about the results of your mold test.

We’ll send our report assuming you know nothing about dealing with mold. Our report will explain everything you need to know about your mold problem, including how to successfully remediate the mold and ensure it never occurs again.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation can help ensure your mold problem never occurs again. Some mold problems require professional mold remediation from a Glenview mold remediation company. Other problems can be solved at home using detergent and other basic household cleaning supplies. Regardless of whether your mold problem is major, minor, or non-existent, we’ll explain everything you need to know about permanently remediating the issue.

Our report features a step-by-step guide to solving your mold issue. You can take this report to mold remediation companies in Glenview. It will speed up the remediation process while keeping the remediation crew honest.



Why Choose Us for Your Mold Inspection in Glenview, Illinois

We’re an independent, proven, and experienced mold inspection company in Glenview, Illinois. We’ve helped thousands of home and business owners across the Chicagoland area solve their mold problems. We offer competitive rates, professional inspectors, and a hassle-free inspection process.

And, as an independent testing company, we have no affiliation with mold remediation companies. We don’t make more money if you choose to undergo professional remediation. We have no financial incentive to claim your mold problem is worse than it is.

We Will Beat Any Other Mold Inspection Prices

If you found a cheaper price on a Glenview, IL mold inspection, then let us know! We guarantee that we’ll beat any price. We offer the lowest mold inspection prices in Glenview – guaranteed.

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Schedule your mold inspection in Glenview, Illinois today. The sooner you schedule your inspection, the sooner you can get to the root of your mold problem. Mold can be devastating to your home and your health. Schedule a Glenview, IL mold inspection with Healthy Home Mold Inspection today.

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