Mold Inspection in Norridge, Illinois

Schedule an accurate, professional mold inspection in Norridge, Illinois today with the team at Mold Inspect Pros. We’re a Chicago-area company specializing in efficient and affordable mold testing services. Our qualified mold inspectors are located across the greater Chicago area. If you suspect a mold problem in your Norridge home or business, then you can’t afford to wait. Mold never takes care of itself – it just gets worse over time. Our mold inspection can determine the truth about your issue and provide you with valuable peace of mind.

Our Mold Inspection Process for Norridge, Illinois

Our mold inspectors have years of experience identifying mold problems in Chicago-area properties. They know where to look for water damage and mold problems. They understand how Chicago-area weather affects homes. That means our inspectors are some of the best at finding mold problems in Norridge, Illinois.

Our Norridge mold inspectors will use tools like infrared cameras and moisture meters to visually inspect your premises. These high-tech tools allow inspectors to peek behind walls without actually damaging anything.  The inspector will scan the home from top to bottom to find any sources or potential sources of mold. The end result is a highly accurate mold inspection experience.

The next step in our Norridge mold inspection process is to collect air or surface samples. Air samples are taken to assess the level of mold spores in the air and determine if these levels are unusually high. Surface samples are taken to assess whether a discoloration is really mold or if it’s just non-mold-related water damage. These samples are sent to a lab via FedEx overnight shipping.

Results of Mold Testing

We receive the results of your Norridge, IL mold inspection within 1 to 2 business days. The lab sends us a report explaining the results of your test. We translate those results into plain English and produce our own report. Then, we package everything up and send you an email containing the original lab report and our breakdown of your issue.

Instead of leaving you to solve the mold problem on your own, we take the time to explain our recommended process for solving your mold problem. Some mold-related issues can be fixed at home in minutes with a simple detergent-based solution made from household cleaning supplies. Other mold problems require immediate, professional remediation.

Mold Remediation

If your mold problem requires remediation, then we’ll explain the exact remediation process we recommend. Our step-by-step guideline can be taken directly to a mold remediation company in Norridge, IL. Our guideline keeps the remediation company honest while giving customers peace of mind.

A minor mold problem may be fixable at home using basic cleaning supplies. For more serious mold problems, however, we may recommend hiring a professional mold remediation company.  



Why Choose Us for Your Mold Inspection in Norridge, Illinois

Mold Inspect Pros is the leading mold testing company in the greater Chicago area. We provide accurate and affordable mold testing in Norridge, Illinois and all surrounding communities.

Many experts recommend hiring an independent mold inspection company instead of ordering a mold inspection from a remediation company. The reason is simple: mold remediation companies have an incentive to find problems that aren’t there. Some mold companies exaggerate your mold problem because they make so much money through mold remediation.

We work differently: whether we find mold or not, we charge the same low price for a mold inspection. Our number one incentive is to tell the truth about your mold problem. 

We Will Beat Any Other Mold Inspection Prices

If you find a cheaper price on mold inspections in Norridge, IL, then let us know! We’re happy to price match. We guarantee the lowest prices on mold inspections in Norridge.

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